Date Night.

15 1/2 years of marriage. Wow. It is important to savor the moments. In fact as a married couple in the real world, you have to create them. We were parents before we were spouses. We were over-comers before we were ever friends. Fighters? Yes. Failures, that too. But not a statistic. We are still here, together, married, for better or worse. Right now it’s better. We work together. We listen. Sometimes we yell, then we forgive and we press in. We lean into the promises. We take breaks from each other. . . on purpose. We talk, we laugh, we wonder and dream and hope and make believe and lean. . .

So today we will take advantage of a date night. We decide that spending money on a memory is really important. Just a little money to make a great memory. And we will do more than play house in this season. We remember when we yelled a lot. We recall the months, years, when we detested one another and we were separated. And we lean. On Him who restores and on each other who flesh it out. Everyday. And we celebrate that we made it. We are making it. And we are soaring higher with a new promise. It is worth it.


3 thoughts on “Date Night.

  1. Love you guys, you are now married longer than I was to your dad, and years more happy than I ever was!! I know it’s your surrender to God and His plan for you, and your tender hearts that work together.

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