Professional DJ.

DJ : Noun and Verb

I am a Professional DJ in the sense that I am hired to bring sound, event coordination and dancing to the special events in life. I have been “spinning” in this area for 8 years. I am a mobile DJ with mobile sound equipment.  Basically, I bring the party to you. . . or as my sweet friend Melanie says, “I am a party!”

Little tip, I am far from “professional” all the time. Last night, I headed to DJ a prom after an 11 hour shift of wearing my nanny hat for 4 boys, cooking dinner for 12, washing 2 loads of laundry, and a 3 minute shower. I borrow my friend’s strapless bra, I broke the cardinal rule of community friendship and shaved with someone else’s razor (sorry Virg) and ended up at the gig with bright pink underwear on under my mint green dress.

No worries, I set the lighting at these things, so surely no one could tell. 🙂


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