So we beat on.

I fell in love with Twin Falls this weekend. My friends are here. Our life has both wilted and blossomed here. This is the season to stay and “beat on, boats against our currents. . . ”

Somewhere in deciding to celebrate Gatsby and the film – In dressing up and dreaming big – In inviting all my friends and giving away prizes – I fell in love with being (almost) 35.

I rejoiced because I have THE best friends and THE most amazing family.

I spilled beer on my computer.

I cleaned 6 different toilets.
I danced so hard, I broke my foot. (small stress fracture, boo)
I liked the movie, I loved the party.
I danced the Charleston and shook my booty. . . in the same song!
I smiled and laughed so hard that my face hurts and bubbly came out my nose.
I lingered long in the sweetest worship, declaring that the Body is Good.
I asked God “why” this weekend. He answered.
I unexpectedly saw my bested friend, shopping for flowers to fill her planters, just like me. We have done this friend – as – moms – thing for 15+ years. I love that.

I showered flowers and plants on the Matriarch in my world. I celebrated motherhood.

I wept over things I love and things I hate.
I broke my computer. Rice fixed it.
I sang from somewhere deep.

I threw a party and was a party.

I came to the party. I wanted my children there.

My husband surprised me. Then he did it again.

This weekend “My boat was beating against a current – borne back ceaselessly into the past” – then it danced me somewhere into the vast future to a place  “That no eye has seen, that no ear has heard, and that no human mind has conceived.”


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