32 days since the rock rolled

It has been one month and two days since the accident.

My Mister is different than others and uniquely made for me. He has non-conventional ways to live, in mind, and a whirlpool of inventions always bubbling.

About a month ago he was searching for natural water sources to capture on a piece of land “we” hope to move to. “We” want to build a yurt dwelling to live in. . . because we can. There have been so many reasons for this i.e., it’s cheaper, it’s off the grid-out of the system; grounded on some biblical under-pinnings, shielded by some over-arching minimalism, but founded mostly on desire. And so we search and investigate and long and plan. . .

In that journey to provide for his family, He was exploring.

In His exploring, He happened upon a terrible accident. Or rather it happened upon Him. He fell.  A 300+ pound boulder rolled onto his lap and up over his head. He never lost consciousness and was able to call and text for help.

No one answered.

He called out to his Maker for help.

He yelled for the neighbors.


20 minutes of nothing but pain and fear and shock to answer him. He says he wondered and prayed and hoped in the emptiness.

A neighbor did come and I did answer the phone and we did come and the paramedics did hike in and take him out on a stretcher. Clothes cut, morphine administered, pelvis stabilized.

He was admitted. He has a partial open-book pelvis fracture and a wounded spirit. We all do.

And yet, his non-conventional ways and stubborn will and unique design enable perseverance. Misery and pain give way to hope; then wash over again with a fog that paralyzes. Then it is dawn again and we start anew.

32 days later We are:

Thankful for a body that is fearfully and wonderfully made. Blessed to have friends and family who hold us up and feed us and make us laugh and bring us wine.

Longing for understanding is yet to be satisfied.

But he walks with a walker and breaks the rules and dances with me.

Today, he put away his own laundry, because he could. Then he watched the Price is Right because it is the only show that depicts very happy people. Then he napped. And I napped after a day of work.

I think our assignment today is to understand rest and change and lean in.

And it has been only a month, well 32 days since the rock rolled.


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