Regarding Home: Small is the new Big

Let me invite you into our {ongoing} story called “Thornquesting.”

It is a quest, indeed.

Today, I am blogging from the coziness of my second living room in Twin Falls, Idaho. My bare feet are resting on the rich brown travertine tile and I have deposited a little bit of this morning’s garden earth beneath me. Today’s dessert roast is butterscotch brew but I opted for my favorite morning drink: a double shot Americano with a splash of cream. Living in a 30-foot Holiday Rambler for the summer affords us to frequent our favorite coffee shops for some much needed “office” and surfing time about every other day. My oldest daughter is a barista who needs to clock-in early, here, so it really works for us.

A summer-camper-living, garden-growing, money-saving, travel-planning, yurt-designing, marriage-healing, risk-taking, debt-free-living, creek-wading, soul-searching, dream-casting, free-lansing, ukulele-playing, music-filled, talking-with-Jesus, living-to-learn Season is ahead.

I will open the intimate pages of our story, regarding chapters in the past, as a healing guide to lead us (and perhaps you) forward into the future. . . join our journey.

Regarding Homes

Past: In town – 2500 Square feet of home-owner awesome-ness. . . 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms after renovations, a home office, a schoolroom, orange and yellow walls and room for big parties; then bankruptcy.


{Not so far} Past: In town – 1000 Square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom “Little House” rental. . . a cozy abode where we learned to minimize, share, appreciate the local park,  fight and make-up; now my graduated son’s new “bachelor pad. “


Now: 30 Foot Holiday Rambler with lots of love and new curtains and convertible bunk-beds and an open door into a new 1000 Square foot garden.



 IMG_3230 IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3233

 Future: A 30 foot Round house (a yurt) with artistry and affordability and temporary settling. . . under prayer construction.

This Season of summer will make room for a heart-molding.

This Season of summer will make room for a family-mending.

This Season of summer will make room for a dream-casting.

This Season of summer will teach us to study the world.

This Season of summer will make room for a traveling Season of Winter. 

This Season of summer will make {more} room for blooming. 

As Jesus makes His Home in me, I will make my home here.  And now.  My small can make room for His big.  





10 thoughts on “Regarding Home: Small is the new Big

  1. You are a truly amazing family. Some of the most wonderful inspiring people I have ever met. We can all take a lesson from you. Love you guys.

  2. How exciting! I just finished reading a book about a woman who sells her regular-sized house and builds a tiny pull-behind-a-car sized house. It reminds me of this a little. It is called “The Big Tiny.”

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